Unable to Jump

You read it… I’m literally unable to jump. I guess the figurative version fits in quite well at the moment too. Well, let’s just say if you’re an overzealous person, you’re likely to get hurt. You decide to aggressively dance everywhere until you fall over flat on your face. Yep- that’s typical Rosetta. I have to admit I didn’t have a second injury in mind after my 3 foot fractures. Lesson learned- Don’t go crazy on the Zumba. Seriously though, be sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. There’s a whole forum on Zumba related injuries— too late for me to find out I guess?

Anyway, speaking of getting hurt-I’ve come to realize that you WILL get hurt in life;  both physically and emotionally sometimes. When you live in a dog-eat-dog world, there’s always someone there waiting for you to fall. Heck, I’ve recently been asked why I was too worried about my future and planning ahead. I’ve been asked if I was ever going to have kids by the time I fulfilled my goals. Guess ambition is too much to handle when you have two X chromosomes. Well.. I should be hurt….hahaha.. Nope. Not at all.

They can hurt you- but you must never let them break you. You can never feel inferior or hurt without your own consent. After all, no one quite knows us like we know ourselves. It’s quite interesting how we are aware of our consciousness every second of every minute of every day of our lives. No one else on earth has your experience. So next time I look in the mirror- I’ll admire the time it took to build myself up to the person I am today. I hope you do too…

Thoughts to ponder on…

Rosetta xxx

Stay updated as always 🙂

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Judgement at no sight

I’ve had a share of amazing moments this summer. Let’s see- went backstage on broadway, conquered my fear of singing in front of an audience and even met two of my favorite YouTubers by coincidence. NYC definitely is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of (Thank you Ms. Alicia Keys).

Unfortunately amidst all the blessings I’ve been endowed with, I’ve been given the wondrous gift of haters. HATERS. Everyone has them… as long as you live life truly as you feel and do not stick to the status quo (hehe..HSM reference)–you end up being ‘controversial’. Yes… controversial. People either really like you for who you are.. or despise you with all their heart.

Friends– Haters gonna hate cuz they can’t RELATE.

So here’s the story. I’m kinda a big poster of snapchat stories simply because I like the idea of cherishing moments with friends. But here’s the deal– some ‘friends’ tell other ‘friends’ about your stories in spiteful ways and try to wreck your reputation. It’s sad–but it’s true. I’ve had unfortunate incidents occur and since then have decided to limit my audience to those whom I fully trust. You never know who wants to bite u in the back. Careful. I mean I’ve  just posted a singing video showcasing some talent– but then come the–“oh she’s not serious enough” comments. And when I post the more serious stories I get the “oh she’s such a bore” remarks. For God’s sake, it’s my summer break..what are you..my parents? Since then I’ve decided not to care. After all, if you’re pleasing everyone then you’re left not pleasing the one person that matters most– yourself.

Be yourself and post whatever the hell you want– but u gotta bear the consequences. This is especially true in the workplace- where employers are now aware of who you are on social media. Keep your eyes and heart open 😉

Stay healthy xx


Sneak Peak of tomorrow’s post: Not being able to jump.


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He believed in me.

Many told me it wasn’t possible. ‘You can’t be “best friends” with the opposite gender–there’s always something more’.

Well today, I proved them wrong.

The thought of having a friend who’s always there for you-plain and simple… It just ceases to exist these days.

With ideologies of:

Friends with ‘benefits’


DUFF- designated ugly fat friend.

WHY DO we place labels on genuine relationships.. are we all just a bunch of cynical people…oh the questions that run through my head.

Anyway.. so I have a best friend…Ray.

Ray. Well let’s just say.. Ray is far..far..away.

Didn’t  mean for that to rhyme. anywayyy

Today.. I take you through a journey.. one that should’ve been shared a while ago.

Stay updated xx




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Become a Heart Savior!

Become a Heart Savior!

5 strategies to save your heart: Don’t smoke or use tobacco, exercise for at least 30 minutes for most of the week, eat a heart healthy diet free of saturated/trans fat,maintain a healthy weight (BMI), get regular health screenings

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CWS Activity for the next meeting!

Hello CW’s! As discussed in today’s CWS meeting, we have an activity called “Words and Birds” Basically, we formulated a list of 10 randomly chosen words. It is your job to get with a partner (or individually).. read each word aloud and wait for your partner to utter the first thing that pops up in their mind. Subsequently,you will write these words down and try to form a short story, poem (and piece of writing) that uses all 10 of the words.

Please be creative! Remember.. we have a competition and prizes (including a Writer of the week certificate).

Here are the 10 words:

1. Blue

2. Bag


4. Butterfly

5. C.W.S


7. Hearts

8. Obsessed

9. Father



Don’t stress out too much about detail and depth! Just make it fun and engaging. We know you have a lot of school material to worry about!

See you next Wednesday, November 28th in Dr. Deborah’s room!

Thank you,

Budoor Al-Qinai

C.W.S  President

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Sophie Kinsella’s Wisdom

She had said nothing. Silence had become the barrier against which her emotions reared and pressed. The stronger the desire to speak, the more staunchly she resisted it, taking pleasure in her self-control.

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Summer Birthdays!

One of our CW’s, PotterFreak has turned 16 this summer! Let’s wish her a happy birthday upon her return to the start of her 2012/2013 school year!

Did any of you CW’s have a birthday this summer?

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A CW Poll !!!

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Thoughts…. Shhhhhhh…..

There will come a time or brief instant in your life in which you realize how much you could have done and won. 

Please, (for all you shy writers) embrace yourself! Never suppress your emotions and don’t refrain yourself from communicating with the person you truly admire. Intimidation is a killer. It makes you feel weak like a tiny branch depending on a larger branch to hold on to. 

Remember to confront and interact with whomever it is you wish to. There may come a day in which that certain someone will just completely vanish from your life. 


Life is too short to refrain yourself from your true desires.

Guess what? We all have our secrets and facades. 

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Shopaholic Ties the Knot by Sophie Kinsella

visit sophiekinsella.com for more information on Sophie Kinsella’s novels!

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